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Altea Yacht Club is located in the harbour of Altea Bay, at the foot of the town which gives it its name. The Club was founded in 1977 and covers approximately half the area of the harbour. From the outset it has been committed to providing excellent services to members and visitors, protecting the environment, and promoting sailing and watersports.

The harbour faces SW which means it is sheltered from both the wind and the sea. The Club has all the facilities for your rest and relaxation, and is equipped to meet all your boat repair and maintenance needs. We recommend that you visit Altea Yacht Club, and take advantage of the occasion to stroll round the picturesque town of Altea which, with its white-washed houses lining the hillside and uniquely welcoming atmosphere, is one of the last remaining jewels of the Spanish Mediterranean.

A core part of Altea Yacht Club's mission is to promote and support sailing and watersports. The sailing school is the main way in which the Club works to promote a love for sailing in both children and adults, while all of the board members in charge of dinghy sailing, yachting, rowing, fishing, diving, canoeing and swimming work hard to provide the facilities and services needed to encourage members and visitors take up a water sport, or improve their skills.

The Club organises high-level sports competitions throughout the year which attract competitors from all over Spain, including classic sailing events such as the two handed 200 hundred miles regatta that began in 1987, and the Altea Bay Open which has been held for over 20 years. The Club also holds fishing contests which are very popular with both children and adults from Altea, and rowing regattas which draw over 500 rowers from all parts of the region of Valencia.


  • Avda. del Puerto, 50
  • 03590 Altea - ALICANTE
  • Club phone: (+34) 96.584.21.85
  • Club phone: (+34) 96.584.15.91
  • Restaurant phone: (+34) 96.584.34.76